Anchovy Soup Sachet 25G

King Seng (Vege) White Pepper & Herbal Soup Spices 70G

King Seng (Vege) Rempahan Sup (Bak Kut Teh) 70G

King Seng (Vege) Chicken Soup Mix & Spices 70G

TE Tom Yam Paste 200G

HAIDILAO Sauce For Fish with Pickled Cabbage 酸菜鱼

HAIDILAO Shrimp Flavor Hot Pot Sauce 200G

HAIDILAO Pes Stimbot Pedas 220G

HAIDILAO Tomato Flavor Hot Pot Seasoning 200G

HAIDILAO Mushroom Flavor Hot Pot Seasoning 110G


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