Frozen Steamboat 火锅料理

KNK Panda Fish (450g)

FG Squid Roll 包心鱿鱼卷(500g)

FG Fish Chili Paste 乌达水晶丸(500g)

FG Steamboat Choice 五宝一品锅(500g)

RM 14.50Add to CartRM 10.50Add to CartRM 12.50Add to CartRM 11.50Add to Cart

QL Curry Fish Ball 咖喱鱼丸 (500g)

FG Sotong Ball 墨鱼丸 (1kg)

QL Fried Fish Ball (500g)

KNK Cuttlefish Ball 墨鱼丸 (450g)

RM 8.35Add to CartRM 14.00Add to CartRM 7.40Add to CartRM 15.90Add to Cart

PFP Yasai Fish Ball (400g)

PFP Seafood Tofu 海鲜豆腐 (400g)

QL Crabstick з 16pcs (250g)

Nutrifish Octopus Ball ī (500g)

RM 10.80Out of StockRM 10.60Out of StockRM 4.40Add to CartRM 10.20Add to Cart

Alimeat Meat Ball (L) (500g)

Alifish Seafood Tofu 海鲜豆腐 (500g)

Nutrifish Lobster Ball 龙虾丸 (500g)

Nutrifish Otak-Otak Fish Ball (500g)

RM 9.20Add to CartRM 10.00Add to CartRM 10.00Add to CartRM 10.20Add to Cart

Alichicken Chicken Jumbo Bakso (500g)

Alifish Cheese Seafood Tofu (500g)

FG Cheese Shrimp (500g)

RM 10.20Add to CartRM 10.90Add to CartRM 13.50Add to Cart 

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