Frozen Seafood 冷冻海鲜

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1/2 Shell Mussel NZ 西青口贻贝(半壳) (907g)

Japanese Lala 日本拉拉 (500g)

Frozen Razor Clam 竹滩 (10cm-12cm) (1kg)

IQF Prawn Meat 虾肉 91/120 (1kg)

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IQF Prawn Meat 虾肉 71/90 (1kg)

IQF Prawn Meat 虾肉 61/70 (1kg)

IQF Prawn Meat 虾肉 51/60 (1kg)

IQF Prawn Meat 虾肉 31/40 (1kg)

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IQF Prawn Meat 虾肉 26/30 (1kg)

IQF Prawn Meat 虾肉 21/25 (1kg)

Prawn 明虾 41/50

Shishamo (Capelin Fish) 毛鳞鱼 (150g)

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Pulau Ketam Mantis Prawn Meat 吉胆虾姑肉 (500g)

Pulau Ketam Sea Prawn Meat 吉胆海虾肉 (500g)

T&D Chili Crab 辣子蟹 (2pcs L-Size)

T&D Buttermilk Crab 奶油螃蟹 2pcs L-Size

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Pulau Ketam Crab Meat 吉胆蟹肉 (500g)

Sabah White Pomfret 50/100 沙巴白鲳 5pcs (300g)

Sabah Black Pomfret 50/100 沙巴黑鲳 5pcs (300g)

Tawau Premium Homemade Fish Maw 斗湖自家自制鱼鳔 (200-300g)

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Sotong Kembang 花鱿鱼 (1kg)

Seafood Guy Shrimp Paste 虾酱 (150g)

Sardine Fish 沙丁鱼 (1kg)

IQF Squid Ring 苏东圈 (1kg)

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