Hotdog & Ham

SC Chicken Cocktail С (800g)

Nutrifish Chicken Sandwich 鸡火腿 (500g)

Valley Farm CHicken Franks (340g) (10pcs)

PFT Chicken Luncheon Meat 鸡午餐肉 (400g)

RM 12.50Add to CartRM 11.50Add to CartRM 6.10Out of StockRM 10.50Add to Cart

PFT Chicken Sandwich 鸡肉三明治 (400g)

Nutriplus Cheese Frank (300g)

Ayamas CHIC.FRANK (Cheese) (5pcs) (235g)

Ayamadu Jumbo Chicken Sausage 芝士鸡香肠 (8pcs)

RM 10.70Add to CartRM 7.30Add to CartRM 8.00Add to CartRM 21.80Add to Cart

CI Chicken Ham (18pcs) (400g)

SC Chicken Breakfast Sausage 鸡肉早餐香肠 (1kg)

SC Grill Chicken Bratwurst Sausage 烤鸡肉香肠 (1kg)

SC Cheesy Bratwurst Sausage (1kg)

RM 10.10Add to CartRM 18.90Add to CartRM 18.90Add to CartRM 20.80Add to Cart

SC Black Pepper Bratwurst Sausage 黑胡椒香肠 (1kg)

Gourmet Chicken Jumbo 6' (Cheese & Herb) 14pc

VF Chicken Cocktail С (1kg)

Ayamas Chicken Hotdog (10pcs) (340g)

RM 18.90Add to CartRM 33.50Add to CartRM 13.10Add to CartRM 6.90Add to Cart

Madubee Cheese Hordog (12pcs)

VF Chicken Hotdog (10pcs) (300g)

RM 25.00Add to CartRM 4.30Add to Cart  

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