Dried Food 干粮

Dried Beancurd Knot 150G

Dried Beancurd Roll

Dried Chinese Cabbage 100G

Tian Ma Yaki Sushi Nori 紫菜 28G

RM 5.30Add to CartRM 4.80Add to CartRM 4.00Add to CartRM 4.80Add to Cart

New Sun Yaki Sushi Nori 10 Sheets 25G

Dried White Fungus 100G 雪耳

云耳 Dried Black Fungus 100G

Dried Black Fungus Shreded 100G

RM 6.50Add to CartRM 4.50Add to Cart

大白黑木耳 Dried Black Fungus 100G

白蒜片 Dried Garlic Flakes 1KG

Twin Rabbit Seaweed 60G

冬菇丝 Dried Shreded Mushroom 100G

Dried Mushroom 200G 茶包菇

ChestNuts 栗子 1KG

Australia Green Bean 500G 澳洲绿豆

Black Bean 青仁黑豆 500G

RM 8.50Add to CartRM 6.50Out of Stock

Thompsons Soya Bean 1KG 黄豆

Small Black Bean 1KG 黑糯米

India Ground Nut 500G 印度花生

RM 6.00Out of StockRM 11.00Add to CartRM 8.50Out of Stock 

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