Snack 零食

Lays Original 50G

Lays Nori Seaweed 50G

Tao Kae Noi Crispy Seaweed Original 32G

Koh Kae Nut Tom Yum Flavour 230G

RM 3.50Add to CartRM 3.50Add to CartRM 6.75Add to CartRM 10.90Add to Cart

Koh Kae Nut Chicken 230G

Koh Kae Nut BBQ Flavour 230G

Pocky Matcha Green Tea Flavour

Pocky Cookie & Cream Taste

RM 10.90Add to CartRM 10.90Add to CartRM 2.90Add to CartRM 2.90Add to Cart

Pocky Chocolate Flavour

Glica Collon Biscuit Cream

Glica Collon Biscuit Chocolate

Glica Collon Biscuit Strawberry

RM 2.90Add to CartRM 3.50Add to CartRM 3.50Add to CartRM 3.50Add to Cart

Nutella B-Ready T6 132g

Nutella & Go 48g

Dolphin Nata De Coco Pudding

Taiwan Snack Roll

RM 12.50Add to CartRM 6.50Add to CartRM 4.30Add to CartRM 8.70Add to Cart

Mamee Monster Snek Mi 8 x 25g

Gery Crunch Roll Choco Vanilla 24g x 12pc

Lava Bites 200G

RM 3.50Add to CartRM 4.90Add to CartRM 8.50Add to Cart 

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