Steamboat Product 火锅料理

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Crabstick 鲜蟹柳 (1kg)

Crab Nugget 北海翅 (500g)

Crab Claw 蟹钳 (240g)

QL Cheese Tofu 芝士豆腐 (500g)

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Crab Stick 蟹柳 (250g)

Crab Claw 蟹钳 (400gm)

Vegie Fish Ball 海鲜菜丸 500g

Squid Analog 鱿鱼卷 500g

RM 4.50Add to CartRM 9.00Add to CartRM 8.50Add to CartRM 9.20Add to Cart

Seafood Tofu 海鲜豆腐 500g

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25 - 33 of 33

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